Virginia Professional Florist Association

About Our Organization


Founded in 1996 as a professional organization, we strive to provide educational opportunities for florists all over the state by holding several workshops at local wholesalers in each of our four regions. We all have the same goals; maintaining a successful business, and still being able to enjoy the reason why we are in this industry, and the joy of using our gift of creating floral designs that give pleasure to so many. Continuing education is the key. In our Association’s by-laws, our purpose states,

"To encourage and foster the exchange of
business ethics, methods and ideas among
various branches of the industry within the state;

To promote the love and knowledge of floriculture
with other florists, suppliers, and the public;

To provide education to help strengthen the floral
trade and in general, and to assume the responsibility
as the Trade Organization of the floral industry within
the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia."


We hope, in the near future, to establish a State Certification Program for florists, their designers and managers, promoting the highest standards for our industry and helping set us apart, further assuring professionalism.

Each year, the Association holds its annual convention. This is a weekend filled with fun and fellowship as well as educational opportunities for all involved in the industry, featuring nationally known designers as well as the vast wealth of talent in our own Commonwealth. We come together to learn, compete and build a stronger knowledge of the current trends in the industry, to better serve our customers and our businesses.


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